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A Boutique Federal Criminal Defense Practice
R. Michael Bullotta is a former federal prosecutor, having spent the last two decades working as an Assistant United States Attorney in Detroit and Los Angeles.
R. Michael Bullotta's services extend to individuals and corporations under federal investigation or indictment. The tremendous amount of experience Michael acquired leading large-scale, complex federal investigations and prosecuting high profile criminal cases, including public corruption, mail and wire fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, narcotics trafficking, and racketeering, enables him to provide the highest level of representation to individuals and corporations in the federal criminal arena.
United States v. Kwame Kilpatrick
Michael led a team of agents from the FBI, IRS and EPA in a sweeping investigation into the pay-to-play administration of then Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick. Following a six-year investigation, Michael obtained an indictment of the former Mayor on charges that included racketeering conspiracy, extortion, mail and wire fraud and tax evasion. The landmark trial ended in the conviction of Kilpatrick on 24 federal felony offenses.

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Detroit, MI 

R. Michael Bullotta

R. Michael Bullotta is a former federal prosecutor, having spent 23 years as an Assistant United States Attorney in Detroit and Los Angeles. Michael left government service to start a boutique criminal defense practice representing those who are charged or are being investigated by the federal government at his law office.

If you are facing charges, it is a very serious matter. Be aware you have constitutional rights and you need a skilled defense attorney that fights for you. Being charged with a crime does not automatically mean you are guilty of a crime or will be convicted. Federal criminal defense attorneys can help ensure your rights are protected during each step of the federal criminal court system.

United States v. Kwame Kilpatrick
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Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you are facing federal charges and want successful results, contact us today! We have the best federal criminal lawyers in Michigan. To fight for you, we’ll bring our skill, relationships with judges and prosecutors, and knowledge of managing even the most complex and challenging cases to bear, providing you with the utmost legal representation.

Contact us today if you are being investigated for a possible federal crime or have already been indicted or charged.

What Federal Crimes Can We Help With?

The procedures involved in federal criminal cases are very different from those involved in state criminal cases, and the stakes are much higher if you have been charged with a federal crime. Serious federal criminal law charges we assist with at our law firm are:

  • White collar offenses
  • Criminal cases
  • Mail fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Drug trafficking or drug crimes
  • Internal revenue service
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Customs enforcement
  • State-lines criminal defense

How Are Federal Crimes Handled?

Federal investigations are usually conducted by federal agencies with seemingly limitless resources. If the investigating agency believes that it has enough evidence obtained that a person committed a federal offense, it will issue an indictment, setting forth information regarding the potential criminal charge. It is possible to have criminal charges dismissed prior to trial in some instances.

Fortunately, federal criminal attorney R. Michael Bullotta has comprehensive understanding of the federal sentencing guidelines and how they can work for or against you at the federal level

If You Have Been Accused of A Federal Crime, Reach Out Now

If you need help dealing with federal criminal charges, don’t gamble with just any criminal defense attorney. Choose one that has experience in federal cases and the federal bureau. Choose Bullotta Law. 

We represent clients facing serious federal charges such as conspiracy, bribery, and others at all stages of the federal criminal process and other federal offenses. Over his lengthy career as one of the best federal criminal attorneys, R. Michael Bullotta has the knowledge and experience to help you with federal law, federal trials, federal prison charges, federal court, and more. Residing in the Detroit area, R. Michael Bullotta also serves Bloomfield Hills, Detroit, and surrounding areas. Contact us today!