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A Strong Defense From A Former Federal Prosecutor

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Experience On Both Sides Of The Courtroom

Michael is a former federal prosecutor, having spent 23 years working as an Assistant United States Attorney in Detroit and Los Angeles. Michael’s experience as a prosecutor allows him to create highly effective defense strategies.

When you’re facing a serious criminal charge, allegation, indictment, or investigation in federal court, you need a serious and dedicated advocate on your side. 

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Brandan HollidayBrandan Holliday
18:34 04 Feb 22
Hands down the most compassionate professional and knowledgeble federal attorney in the business.I’ll tell you why.This case was Covid related as you can imagine the controversy that surrounds this. The action from the federal government was far overreaching. I called Michael the very next day after there was a search warrant conducted on my house by several federal agents.First off the reason I called Mr. Bullotta was the fact he understands the hometown rules, by his experience, knowledge and connections.The day after federal agents abruptly searched my home and confiscated several items I spoke with Michael at 9am the following day and felt confident with my decision as choosing him to represent me during this time.He was very compassionate. He also gave a reasonable quote to represent me. Mr. Bullotta even went on to offer a back up option for other affordable means, if I was to choose not to go with him.Michael came to our home the next day to review the papers and case info. He gave a clear cut option of strategy’s that could be taken. As a former federal prosecutor, he knew what the other side was likely to do and how to persuade them to my side. It was important to me that someone knew the home town rule if this district court.He was very responsive and honest. If he didn’t know something he didn’t make it up. He took the time to get the answer. What was great for us was Micheal is able to communicate on a level that kept my wife and me from wondering. I think that’s the key, that he didn’t leave us hanging.He was able to get all the seized items back without issue. Michael also kept me from signing several unnecessary documents. Michael has kept me and my family out of the Federal court system. He advised me the Prosecutor was a reasonable person and offered to let him work it out with the prosecutor.Micheal was so positive and realistic. He was successful in getting the Covid related matter cleared up. The fact is he did 100% what I paid him to do. It’s my belief that you will not find a better a Attorney to represent you at the federal level.
Adams BoostersAdams Boosters
14:21 03 Feb 22
I wanted to say that Mike is extremely personable and extremely responsive with his representation. He is very realistic and sets reasonable expectations. He truely advocates for clients rather than settling for what is presented to them. He educates and advocates. Extremely competent and has many connections and is extremely educated on the legal process. Having mike as representation was a privilege.
Ariana PowellAriana Powell
20:57 25 Jan 22
Best lawyer ever! Trustworthy , honest and caring.
Bianca GassoBianca Gasso
06:04 21 Dec 21
While no one wishes to find themselves in a situation to hire a lawyer but sometimes that’s life! I could not have been more relieved to have been referred to call Michael Bullotta! From the moment you walk into his door, you are immediately greeted professionally by his legal assistant Chantal. My attorney has been very informative, knowledgable, forward thinking and professional. Thank you for prioritizing me as a client and doing everything in your power to help guide me thru it all step by step.
Bethany StoylesBethany Stoyles
13:13 22 Nov 21
Michael is professional, kind, and respectful. He instantly made me feel confident that he was there to support and protect me as the client by asking thorough questions and explaining the process clearly. He has an incredible history in law and I am thankful he was willing to work with me.